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Fancy Corian Name Plate

Designo Temple Store proudly introduces an exclusive assortment of custom-designed Corian Name Plates tailored for both homes and offices. Meticulously crafted within our manufacturing unit, our name plates epitomize precision, boasting impeccable designs with absolute accuracy. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology, we ensure each piece is meticulously tailored to your exact specifications, offering unmatched precision. As the leading Corian manufacturer in Delhi, we prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. Catering to clientele nationwide, Designo Temple Store stands as your reliable destination for exquisite Corian name plates. Reach out to us today to transform your entrance with unparalleled elegance!

Resistance: Stain, Sheets, Fungus, Bacteria, Boiled water, High-Temperature, Fire Resistant
Lighting: Long lasting, High illumination, LED lighting
Cleaning: Easy to Clean
Usage/Application: Residential, industrial & Commercial
Provide installation: Yes

Customization is also available.

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